The New $10 Unlimited Cell-phone Mobile Data Plan Launched in 2020


Move over boost mobile and other low-priced unlimited data plan providers, Unreal Mobile is changing the landscape for good!

Unreal Mobile is now scrambling now to get more inventory due to a huge rush in sales, mostly in part to their unbelievably competitive pricing:

$10/month for UNLIMITED DATA, TALK & TEXT!?!?!

This mobile plan is un-heard of!

Sprint, for example, charges $40 monthly for a plan with a 2 GB data cap, or you can pay $45 monthly with T-Mobile or AT&T with 2 GB of data as well. (Verizon’s “unlimited” offer starts at $70 monthly.)

They allow you to bring your own phone, and offer refurbished ones as well: $249 iPhone 6, $149 Samsung Galaxy S6 and $99 S5 phones, along with the new $50 Alcatel Dawn phones.

Meanwhile, shoppers want to know — how is the service?

Testing Unreal Mobile

I decided to find out.

So, I finally broke down and bought my son phone service. (until now he has only used his phone for free on wifi around the house.)

The plan gets a signal.

It connects to other phones.

The phone rings when you get calls.

You can send text messages and receive e-mails.

You can look up things on the web.

You can watch videos on YouTube, albeit in lower resolution, “DVD quality,” but they looked fine on a 5.1 inch screen. No complaints here.

For $10 a month, what more do you need?

That’s enough data to do e-mail, text and instant message, but it would make watching video a chore, he notes.

Speed Testing Unreal Mobile

In my own tests, opening web pages were slower at the reduced speed, but not unusable. opened in 37 seconds (vs. 3 on my iPhone X with T-Mobile), Amazon in 7 seconds (vs. 3) and Sprint 12 seconds, again vs. 3 seconds. In a nutshell, those waited seconds were the price of throttling, or using the phone at lower speeds once I used up data.

The service is via the Sprint network, which has long been considered to have the weakest reach of the big four wireless carriers. However, the phone should work best in most big cities.

Phones Available With Unreal Mobile

If you buy one of Unreal’s three cheap, refurbished phones, the iPhone 6 ($249) Galaxy S6 ($149) or Galaxy S5 ($99) you’ll get an older model with less power and a camera that’s not as advanced as others. Some newer apps may not work with the phones, since Unreal is offering phones that aren’t as current. However, you can bring your own phone to Unreal service, as long as it’s been on the Sprint or Verizon networks, which uses the CDMA standard. (Unreal also sells the new Alcatel Dawn smartphone for $50.)

The service works with “most” Sprint and Verizon phones.Later in the summer, Unreal will begin offering SIM cards to work on phones on the T-Mobile and AT&T GSM networks as well.

Conclusion — Can You Survive on Unreal Mobile?

For those of us who are heavy surfers, want the latest and great phone models and lightning fast speed, you might be happier with your current plan

.But, for parents looking to buy their kids’ cheap communication tools, $10 a month has got to sound a lot better than $40-$70 monthly.

And for those people who say they only use the phone for e-mail, texting and an occasional web page surf, well, here’s the plan for them.

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