Remember Me? Warming Up a Cold Email List


Haven’t mailed out to your email list in awhile?  Don’t go blasting away just yet without making sure to warm up that cold email list!

If your email subscriber list is “COLD” – meaning they haven’t heard from you in awhile… you may need to go through a bit of ‘warming up’ to make sure your next email doesn’t land you in the spam folder or worse yet, trigger mass un-subscribes.

So I put together a couple good examples of emails I have received recently that made me feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside,  despite the fact I had no idea who they were,  when they last emailed me, or why I subscribed in the first place.


Here’s a great example of a re-connection email I received just this morning:


Sorry for the radio silence… in return, let me tell you about 3 things that happened:Thing number 1: So much has happened this past year at…

Hey, it’s Jaka here — it’s been a long time!

Sorry for the radio silence… in return, let me tell you about 3 things that happened:

Thing number 1: So much has happened this past year at ProteusThemes… including my little ProteusTim…… get it?? 🥰

Of course, I’m absolutely over the moon! …but who knew little babies pooped so much?! 💩

Which brings me to the next thing…

Thing number 2: Last night — while I was changing probably the 7th diaper for the day — my girlfriend mentioned how we would have to go to allllll these stores next Friday… because of all the discounts.

Took me a minute to put two and two together, but then I had a lightbulb moment…

💡She was talking about the Black Friday deals!

OK, fair enough — but that made me think…

Of all people, I think YOU deserve a Black Friday deal for being one of our amazing ProteusFriends❤️!

Because here’s my thinking:

Seeing how I’ve somewhat forgotten to send you regular emails this past year (due to all the diaper-changing, I might add!), the VERY LEAST I can do is give you a proper, magical Black Friday discount.

This brings me to the GRAND FINALE of this email…

Thing number 3: As soon as I wrestled Tim into his fresh 8th diaper, I called Primož (the other ProteusThemes co-founder, remember?) to tell him we need to put together something special for our Black Friday deal.

It took some arm twisting, but he agreed we would go all-out this year — and give you an even BETTER deal than last year!

We’re still working on the details, but before I wrap this up…

❗️ I’ve now got a very important job for YOU.

Here it is: If you’re no longer interested in WordPress themes… OR you don’t want to get a massive discount next week, please click on the unsubscribe link at the end of this email.

The last thing I want is to send you emails you don’t want to get.

And if you still want to stay tuned, EVEN better. 🤗 I’ll be super happy to see you stay on our list of email buddies!

In both cases, I wish you all the very best,
Jaka from ProteusThemes

P.S.: I am BEYOND excited to be in touch with you again… and I can’t wait to show you the massive deal Primož and I are working on… Till next week!
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The great thing about this email in particular is how I can totally “FEEL” the warm smile coming from this stranger who is emailing me,  apologizing and explaining with a very good reason why he has failed to keep me entertained with regular newsletters.

Notice how he didn’t even TRY to sell me anything,  mostly talked about his personal and family life,  and then briefly mentioned the sale coming later next week.

That kind of talk doesn’t bother me,  even though I honestly cannot remember who this guy is,  or when I subscribed to ProteusThemes (I assume a wp theme designer since I work with wordpress a lot).

Also,  if you notice the use of emojis,  but not too much;  makes the email feel more personal and less salesy.

I also like how he dropped little hints reminding me who he is,  and who his co-founder is.

The diaper humor helps as anyone with kids or babies can tell you,  it’s a great way to connect with your audience and show that you are also human like them and have the same very day problems to deal with, like anyone else.

Lastly, the request to get me involved really sealed the deal.  By asking for my input and for me to :”help him”  –  I naturally want to find out what he needs.  This makes me curious and want to keep reading,  or maybe even help.  Then he explains that he needs my help ‘to not annoy me’ basically by asking me to un-subscribe if I don’t want to get emails for the next week about his black friday specials.

This is an excellent way to not only warn your list that you are about to start blasting salesy stuff to them… but also politely ask their permission to start blasting salesy stuff to them!

It’s such a great way to ask that I don’t even mind that he is going to email me next week about buying something.

In fact, I kinda want to find out this great deal that is coming.  Partly because I love wordpress themes (i am the right target market) – but mostly because of this wonderful re-connection email that gave me a choice to opt-out but also warmly invited me to keep tuning in.  I believe I shall.

The Strategy

So, there you have it… the main strategies to effectively WARM UP a cold email list are as follows:

  1. Say hello, apologize for not being in touch, and mention “3 things” (or any number) that you want to tell the reader (gets their curiosity going to keep reading.)
  2. Politely and humorously explain the reason for your absence and apologize.  Make it something all people can identify with or have experienced.
  3. Explain that you are going to make it up to them over the next day, week, etc.
  4. Tell them a hint as to what awesome plans you have to make it up to them (hint about your up-coming sale)
  5. Ask them for a favor or for their help – ask them to unsubscribe if they don’t want to be bothered with the awesome plans you have to email them over the next week. The truly un-interested will gladly un-subscribe,  and the rest will stay curiously subscribed,  pumped and primed to begin reading your email blast that is coming down the pipeline.



Writing this email is only the first step.   You may want to go a step further and write the entire series of emails,  up front,  so they flow together from day to day.

Then schedule the entire series to be delivered automatically ahead of time,  so when they days/times come you are not rushing to the computer to send out the emails.

A great way to implement this is with the first email being scheduled,  then the second one a 3-5 days later, then the third, 4th, etc.

Here’s another great idea:

Schedule the first email to be re-sent automatically the day after the first send… but ONLY to those people who didn’t open/read it the first time.

Then,  schedule the follow-up sales emails for the 3rd day or later.

For more tips on scheduling sales email blasts and series of sales letters, etc. try reading more in our email marketing section for tips, ideas, swipes, etc.


Before you go blasting out an email to that cold email list of yours,  we hope you take a minute to put together a real plan on how to re-connect with your email list for the best results.

The last thing you want is to get hit with a huge unsubscribe or spam rate simply because you didn’t take the time to plan what you are going to say.

It just takes a little time and care on planning what to say to make sure your email lands in the inbox with the best results.

How do you plan to go about emailing your cold list?  Do you have any great ideas we forgot to mention?  Let’s talk about it in the comments below…

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